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Commission Status


Commission Prices

    Bust - 5 Halfbody / 3/4 body - 10 Full body - 15

For an extra character add 5 to the price!

    Bust - 10 Halfbody / 3/4 body - 15 Full body - 20

For an extra character add 5 to the price!

Flat Color
    Bust - 15 Halfbody / 3/4 body - 20 Full body - 25

For an extra character add 10 to the price!

Full Color
    Bust - 20 Halfbody / 3/4 body - 25 Full body - 30

For an extra character add 10 to the price!

Furcadia Ports
    15 At the moment I don't offer couple ports or conjoined ports. ;_;

    Lineart - 5 Fully Colored - 10

Payment Method

In order of preference!

Digos (I want all the digos!), portspaces and maybe alts for you Furcadia players!
DA Points - To keep my Premium Membership going!

Commission FAQ / Rules

What are you willing to draw?
I'm willing to draw females, feminine males, anthros, romance, tasteful nudity and maybe ferals. I'm willing to try just about anything that's challenging, just discuss it with me! ♥

What will you not draw?
The usual. Fetishes, smut, mecha and really hardcore buff men. :l I need more practice!

What should I do before commissioning you?
If interested in commissioning me make sure I'm open, or at least whisper me in game on Furcadia (I am always on my OOC alt Orange), or drop me a note on DA, expressing your interest. Make sure you have plenty of references! Don't worry, I'm fine with just text for reference, but some pictures do help! Also, make sure you have the full payment ready as I only accept payment upfront. It is very rare that I will ever accept payment any other way.

Can I bug you while I wait for my commission to be finished?
I don't advise it, to be honest. 8C Unfortunately, I'm not an art machine so I have off days. On top of that, I'm always looking for ways to improve so every commission is an experiment to better my art in some way, so I might take a bit longer trying out something new with it! I promise to keep you up to date, though!

What if I change my mind about the commission?
If I haven't started it I will gladly refund you your payment. I will also allow you to change up what character(s) I'll be drawing so long as I haven't already started on it and shown you progress shots. If, for some reason, you need to cancel the commission after I've already started on it I will refund you the difference. For example, if you commissioned me for a full body full color but you cancel after approving the sketch I will only refund you 15, not 30.

Where can I post the commission I paid for?
Anywhere so long as you give credit to me, Libra! ♥

Commission List

Nothing for now!

Trade List



Sketch Commissions: OPEN

Journal Entry: Sun Jan 19, 2014, 8:04 PM

Catching up on my current list, but accepting maybe one, or two, commissions at the moment! c: 


Yes, that's right! I'm open for commissions! However, due to having a full time job and some other responsibilities to take care of, I am only open for colored, full body sketches. These sketches will be 20 USD. Limiting myself to sketches will allow me to put in the detail I would like, without taking for-fucking-ever on a piece so I don't have clients waiting! ♥ 

If you want an example of these you can check out Morning's sketch or the commission I did for Karmilla.

  • I will be using Trello to keep everyone up to date on their commission status. This allows commissioners to take a peek without having to wait for me to reply to their questions about their current status! Trello even allows me to attach images, so I will try and keep all WIPs updated for your viewing pleasure. c: 
  • Please, please, please try to check my trello frequently! I -will- come to you with updates as often as I can, and if I do please try to get back to me as soon as possible! 
  • These sketches will vary in how they're done. Some sketches I will use the marker pen in Sai, and others I will use my personal lineart pen in Sai for different looks and feels to the picture. If you have a preference, let me know! 
  • By commissioning me you are agreeing to my Terms of Service found here: Click!
  • To claim a spot, simply comment here, note me, or message me on Furcadia on Era.
  • I will be doing these slots on a first come, first served basis. If someone pays before you do, they automatically move to the next available slot, even if that means bumping you down. I am limiting myself to five slots only. There is no waiting list.
  • I'm sure you guys can figure out the rest. c: I prefer females, I can do anthro or humans, blahblahblah. xD

  • Mood: Sadness


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